Who We Are

Our Company

Building Trust Through Experience

The Amesbury leadership team has over 75 years of combined experience developing, constructing, and operating multi-family and commercial real estate in the Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee markets. Amesbury’s proven success has established an uncompromising level of trust with clients and residents, providing experience, stability, and commitment from the Amesbury team.


As a result of our past success during all market cycles, investors, clients, and residents trust that Amesbury Management will take care of them. Our long-standing focus in key target markets gives us unmatched market insight, the ability to quickly respond to market indicators, and the unique positioning that allows us to see opportunities where others may not and to use that opportunity to create superior value.

Our depth of multi-family and commercial experience gives our clients the confidence of working with a leader. We offer the resources, local market knowledge, wisdom and staying power to successfully invest, operate, develop, manage, and maximize value to our real estate investments. We capitalize on the highs, work through adverse conditions, and continue to innovate, execute, and evolve through it all.

Our Team

Robert Peek – Founder

Robert Peek, founder of Amesbury Companies, graduated with a Finance degree from Louisiana State University and has over 35 years in the commercial & multi-family Industry specializing in development, acquisitions, finance, and property operations. Robert is responsible for the leadership of all Amesbury entities as well as advancing the company’s strategic initiatives.

He has owned and developed Class A multi-family developments throughout the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee, where he also holds real estate broker licenses. Throughout his career, Robert has experienced all aspects of a complete real estate cycle and through this experience has acquired the skills necessary to maximize asset value regardless of market conditions. Robert’s dedication to hard work and his innate ability to complete difficult tasks have allowed Amesbury Companies to become a regional industry leader.